Conference to promote geothermal hybrid energy project communication activities (Project EEA 2024/388116)

In May 27, 2024, at the Palace of Culture in Ploiesti, Marea Unire Hall, a conference was held to promote the projects financed by EEA and Norway Grants by the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti and the Prahova County Council, respectively by the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in partnership with FGS Familia and Fellesforbundet Norway. Both projects were carried out within the Energy Programme in Romania.

In the first project, EEA 2019/107379, whose beneficiary was UPG Ploiesti, a hybrid system for energy efficiency using geothermal energy was implemented in the university campus.

Rector of Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, Alin DINIȚĂ stated that “this project will help us save money on energy bills that we will pay in the future, and students and teaching staff will have heat in the cold season and coolness in the hot season on campus. Thank you to all the partners and those who worked directly on this project, without whose effort we would not have been able to complete it”.

For his part, the project manager, Gheorghe BRANOIU, thanks to the financers (EEA and Norway Grants and the Prahova County Council) and to the partners and made a detailed presentation of the project, highlighting the advantages that its implementation will bring to UPG Ploiesti. “My role was to coordinate all the actors involved in the project and I’m glad that we managed to complete all the stages necessary to put it into practice”.

In the same context, prof.dr.eng. Marius PETRESCU, who together with Mrs. Claudia Bulearca were responsible for the procurements in the project, emphasize that “being a budgetary institution, we were very transparent in all the public procurements carried out within this project, our role being to respect all the legal provisions in the field”.

One of the companies involved in the project is PECEF Tehnica SRL, represented at the event by the General Director – eng. Florin PURGHEL. He presented the advantages of the project, which is currently being piloted at the national level.

Also, the chief-designer of the project, eng. Dan CÎRJAN, brought to the attention of the participants some aspects of the project development.

The second project, EEA2022/346631, had as beneficiaries a large number of companies and institutions that benefited from the training and development of skills in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security.

In the event were attended representatives of Prahova County Council (Cristian Apostol – Vicepresident of Prahova County Council; Alina Tinca – manager of Legal Litigation and Public Administration Direction), Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prahova (Luana Teodorescu – Manager of Directorate of Programs & European Affairs; Gabriela Sterian – manager project), UPG Ploiesti (Alexandra Portoaca, Mirela Dulgheru, Silvian Suditu), the business environment and the mass media.

The fact that Prahova region attracts financing from multiple sources for the development and increase of energy efficiency under the conditions of minimizing the impact on the environment and at the most affordable costs, represents a success of the partnerships made by the institutions, organizations and the local business environment.

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