Conference to promote geothermal hybrid energy project communication activities (Project EEA 2024/388116)

In May 10, 2024, eng. Dan CÎRJAN – chief-designer and the Project Partner in the Projects EEA 2019/107379 and EEA 2024/388116, attended in the 2nd International Conference on Electrical and Power Engineering ICPE-CA – ASMES 2024, organized in Tulcea (Romania) in the 9-12 May 2024.

General topics of the ASMES Conference 2024 are as follows: Renewable energies and energy efficiency; Sustainable mobility; Electric systems; Advanced and Smart materials; Environmental engineering and Circular economy.

In the conference, eng. Dan CÎRJAN, thanks to the financers (EEA and Norway Grants and Prahova County Council) and to the partners, and made a detailed technical presentation of the hybrid energy system for the energy efficiency based on geothermal energy implemented in the project EEA 2019/107379. Also, Dan CÎRJAN brought to the attention of the participants some aspects of the project development, and highlighted the benefits that its implementation will bring to UPG Ploiesti. In addition, Dan CÎRJAN highlighted trends in the development of modern energy solutions for modern buildings.

In the event were attended representatives of Politehnica University Bucharest, COMOTI Institute Research, ICMET Institute Research, ICPA-CA Institute Research, IMNR Institute Research, ISIM Institute Research, Beia Consult SRL, Beam Innovation SRL, ROTEC SRL, CNC ALL SRL.

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