Project EEA 107379/2019 – Hybrid system for energetic efficiency using geothermal energy applied in UPG


The University is committed to modernizing its energetic systems by introducing of a modern, efficient, non-polluting renewable energy to serve its users.

The project will have the following results:

  • Ecological production of energy (thermal agent) in the amount of 2 874 MWh/year;
  • Reduction of natural gas consumption by about 270 000 m³ per year;
  • Reduction of harmful emissions by about 661 tons of CO 2 per year;
  • Replacing water for internal consumption from the city water network with groundwater extracted from University’s wells (about 100 000 m³ per year);
  • Replacement of old heat radiators with modern ventilo-convectors in two buildings belonging the University (totaling over 7000 m² of educational spaces for courses, seminars, workshops, offices) in order to improve the heating and cooling process in cold and warm seasons in the two buildings;
  • All thermal systems will be continuously monitored using an integrated automation

About the programme

The programme objective is to achieve less carbon intensive energy and increased security of supply.

The Programme seeks to stimulate and develop long‐term cooperation between Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway 
(“the Donor States”) and Romania (“Beneficiary State”) and is encouraging bilateral Donor Partnership Projects.

  • Programmes targeting greenhouse gas reductions and/or avoidance through energy efficiency measures shall deliver considerable reductions at a reasonable cost;
  • a maximum of 150 EUR grant per tonne CO2 equivalent per year reduced/ avoided should be aimed for;
  • Priority shall be given to bilateral partnerships offering added value
  • Fund Operator: Innovation Norway

EAA 107379/2019

Hybrid system for energetic efficiency using geothermal energy applied in UPG